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Water and Sewer


All inquiries regarding water and sewer billing and water and sewer service are handled out of the City Hall office at 7 Creswell Drive, Trenton Ward. All inquiries for Batawa, Bayside, Frankford and Trenton (including Glen Miller) water/sewer service areas should be directed to the Water and Sewer office.

Phone (613) 392-2841 ext. 4909


Fax:  (613) 392-0714.

 Water & Sewer Policy (Billing)

Water/Wastewater Application - Conditions

Water/Wastewater Ebilling - Conditions

City Council approved Staff Report 17-164CFS with regards to new Water and Wastewater rates effective March 1, 2018.

The rates for all other years will take effect on January 1st  of the applicable year.

**Please click here for the applicable 2021 rate structure if you are a Young's Cove/Prince Edward Estate Resident** 

 By-law 17-133: Quinte West Municipal Enterprise Consolidated Fee By-Law

By-law 19-048: Quinte West Municipal Enterprise Consolidated Fee By-law Amendment 17-133-01

Water Waste-Water Rate Background Report

Rate Increase Notice to Customers

Water Rates - Residential/Commercial

*** Please click here for the applicable 2021 rate structure if you are a Young's Cove/Prince Edward Estate Resident *** 

Monthly Base Charge

2021 Rates:

$23.00 per month (Based on a 5/8" & 3/4" meter)
The base charge applies to each unit for Multi-Residential/Commercial.

Rate Structure

2021 Rates: 
$1.29per cubic metre
$3.65per /100 cubic feet

Bulk Water Rate

2021 Rate: 

$10.22 per 1000 gallons 

Sewer Rates - Residential/Commercial

***  Please click here for the applicable 2021 rate structure if you are a Young's Cove/Prince Edward Estate Resident  ***

Monthly Base Charge

2021 Rate: 

$36.00 per month (Based on a 5/8" & 3/4" meter)
The base charge applies to each unit for Multi-Residential/Commercial.

Rate Structure

2021 Rate: 

$1.80 per cubic metre
$5.10 per/100 cubic feet

Bulk Septage Disposal

2021 Rate: 

$41.00per cubic metre

Billing Schedule

Residential water and/or sewer accounts for all service areas are billed every two months.

Commercial water and/or sewer accounts are billed monthly.

Bulk water bills are billed monthly.

All bills are due as rendered on or by the given due date.


Sign up for eBilling and you will receive a PDF version of your water and sewer bill delivered directly to your email account. The e-bill will look exactly the same as your current bill. Click here for details.

 Methods of Payment

Payments can be made at most financial institutions, by telephone or online banking; or you can make a payment at City Hall or the Frankford Ward Office by cash, cheque or Interac.

You may also set up pre-authorized payments by submitting a Pre-Authorized Payment Form. (Pre-Authorized payments are processed on the given due date ONLY)


Services and Fees

Contractor's residential flat rate - $25.00 per month.

Water main tap and inspection fee for 3/4" or 1" service - $250.00

Water main tap and inspection fee for 1 1/2" to 2" service - $250.00

Water main tap and inspection fee for 4" to 12" service - $500.00

Inspection fee only $25.00

Supply and installation of a standard meter (5/8" or 3/4") January 1st of 2020 - $250.00 (meter remains the property of the City)

Supply and installation of all other meters - Cost Recovery - cost to purchase by the City plus cost of installation (meter remains the property of the City.)

Reconnection after cut-off for non-payment - $20.00

Turn water off/on

  • for repairs - $30.00 (each trip); overtime rate - $100.00 (within a 3-hour time period)
  • to winterize - $30.00 (each trip); overtime rate - $100.00
  • for demolition - no Charge

Change frozen/broken water meter including new meter and account information change:

  • during regular hours - $220.00
  • during overtime hours - $280.00

Finalizing Account

  • unscheduled meter reading - $12.00 (charged to former customer)
  • new account initiation - $12.00 (charged to new customer)
  • reversion of tenant account to owner - no Charge

Tenant Deposits

  • residential water only - $125.00
  • residential water/sewer - $250.00
  • general service (commercial and industrial) - 2X average annual monthly bill

    Note: deposits are applied to final bill, and surplus is returned to tenant without interest.


Billing Discrepancy

If a customer feels there is a billing discrepancy (on an actual reading only), the following steps should be taken: 1) check the reading on the outside readout and compare it to the current reading on the bill and 2) check the reading outside and compare it to the reading on the inside meter.


High Bills Due to Leaks

A running toilet uses a lot of water and this is often the cause of a high bill. Check the inside meter to see if the dial is continually turning. This will turn with a constant flow of water.

Tablets are available at City Hall, 7 Creswell Drive, Trenton to check for a leaking toilet.


Water Conservation

Water conservation is important for us, our environment and for future generations. Water is precious and preservation/conservation of this natural and valuable resource is vital to our City.

To ensure that this resource will be plentiful in the future, each of us must strive to use water as efficiently as possible and to become water-wise consumers.

Practicing conservation as a "Way of Life" can help prevent or at least lessen the likelihood of water shortages and/or inconvenient restrictions, and help you save money.

The City of Quinte West encourages you to think smart about water. Use these simple conservation tips to change the way you think about water and start conserving wisely.

Click here to view our brochure with tips for water conservation in and around the home. 


Hydrant Flushing

Hydrant flushing ensures proper flows for firefighting and ensures a fresh water supply to our residences. Sediment in the mains can be stirred up briefly during this process causing dirty water. If this occurs, please run your tap until it clears. Doing laundry during flushing may cause stains; we recommend that laundry not be done during this period.

During the hydrant flushing program, flushing is carried out daily 7:30 am until 4:00 pm Monday to Thursday and 7:30 until 10:30 Fridays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.


Flooding and Septic Backup Information

What to do before, during and after a flood
Private septic systems and flooding
Cleaning up after sewage backup 



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