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Water Facilities


The water treatment plants treat and provide the City with a reliable source of potable water for domestic, industrial, and commercial uses, as well as for fire protection purposes. The water distribution system conveys water from the plants to the consumers and includes pumping stations, mains, valves, hydrants, services, and meters.


The City of Quinte West owns and operates two (2) Drinking Water Systems:

Trenton/Bayside Drinking Water System

Frankford-Batawa Drinking Water System


What is the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS)?

The Drinking Water Quality Management Standard (DWQMS) has been developed collaboratively by the Ministry of Environment, Quality Management System Experts, and Water Industry Stakeholders, in response to Justice O'Connor's recommendations from Part 2 of the Walkerton Inquiry Report. The Standard has been developed specific to the needs of the drinking water community in Ontario.

The Walkerton Inquiry Report states: "The purpose of the quality management approach in the context of drinking water is to protect public health by achieving consistent good practice in managing and operating a water system. The hallmarks of this approach include:

  • the adoption of best practices and continual improvement;
  • real-time process control (e.g., the continuous monitoring of turbidity, chlorine residual, and disinfectant contact time) wherever feasible;
  • the effective operation of robust multi barriers to protect public health;
  • preventative rather than strictly reactive strategies to identify and manage risk to public health, and;
  • effective leadership."

What is a Quality Management System?

A quality management system is a documented and implemented set of policies and procedures defining how an organization manages and directs its business processes, or the business that it does, with regards to the quality of its product or service.  The system enables an organization to identify, measure, control and continually improve upon these processes, ultimately leading to improved performance in the management of its business.

What does this mean for Quinte West?

The City of Quinte West has developed a Quality Management System (QMS) that conforms to the Ministry's Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.  The City's QMS is documented in an Operational Plan which describes how the City of Quinte West meets or exceeds the requirements of the Ministry of the Environment prescribed standard.  The City received certification as an "Accredited Operating Authority" in July 2010 and continues to maintain this status.

What is the City of Quinte West committed to?

City of Quinte West - Quality Management System Policy

City of Quinte West Public Works and Environmental Services, on behalf of the City of Quinte West, is committed to supplying a safe, consistent, drinking water supply while maintaining strict adherence to all regulatory requirements.  The City strives to achieve these goals through the implementation of a management system comprised of policies, procedures, instructions, and forms that demonstrate risk-based treatment process evaluation, staff competency, open communications, and appropriate contingency / incident response measures.

The CAO, Directors, Managers and Employees of City of Quinte West who are directly involved in the supply of drinking water, share in the responsibilities of implementing, maintaining, and contributing to the continual improvement of the Drinking Water Quality Management System.

Where can I see a copy of Quinte West's Operational Plan?

Copies of the City's Operational Plan are available for viewing at: City Hall, 7 Creswell Drive, Trenton, ON





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