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The City of Quinte West
7 Creswell Drive,
P.O. Box 490
Trenton, ON  K8V 5R6

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The City of Quinte West Official Plan (2013) as adopted by By-law 11-122 passed by Council on the 15th of August, 2011 and subsequently approved with modifications by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing on January 9, 2013, is the first City wide Official Plan and as such, it provides policy direction and a land use planning framework to guide the overall physical, social, environmental management and growth of the City, while meeting the needs and wants of the local residents. 

Sections of the Official Plan that were appealed as of January 9, 2013 have been updated to reflect the resolutions as mediated through the Ontario Municipal Board.  The public is encouraged to contact City of Quinte West Planning & Development Services staff for assistance if there are any questions with regard to the appeal sections or the document in general. 

The City of Quinte West Official Plan is a key planning document that details the general principles and policies intended to guide and control future land use development and redevelopment, while safeguarding significant natural features, prime agricultural areas and rural areas. 

The Official Plan is regulated by Section 17 of the Planning Act. It identifies the planned municipal structure and provides the framework for municipal regulations including:

The Official Plan also contains maps that designate land uses and help guide municipal decisions on public facilities and services such as transportation, roads, parks, and infrastructure. It also encourages the preservation of lands, buildings, or structures with environmental, historic, or architectural value.

While the Official Plan is intended to establish policies for long-term growth, the Planning Act requires that Official Plans be reviewed at intervals of not less than once every five years. The review ensures the plan remains relevant to the changing circumstances within Quinte West and to current provincial legislation and policies and appropriate guidelines.

Quinte West Official Plan, 2013 (text only)

Schedule "A" - Land Use
Schedule "B1" - Trenton Urban Service Area
Schedule "B2" - Frankford Urban Service Area
Schedule "B3" - Batawa Urban Service Area
Schedule "B4" - Weller's Bay Planning Area
Schedule "B5" - South Sidney Planning Area
Schedule "C" - Site Specific & Area Specific Policy Areas
Schedule "D" - Natural Heritage and Natural Hazards
Schedule "E" - Constraints
Schedule "F" - Transportation

Content you access here is not necessarily an exact and/or current reproduction of official documents.  The City of Quinte West does not warrant the accuracy of these electronic versions and accepts no responsibility for any damages suffered by a person as a result of decisions made, or actions based, on information accessed via this website.

An official version of the City of Quinte West Official Plan and related schedules can be obtained from Planning & Development Services located in the Municipal Offices at 7 Creswell Drive, Trenton ward.  All documents are produced on an "as-requested" basis.  Please contact Planning staff to request your document and confirm the related fee prior to attending to City Hall for pick-up.

Official Plan Amendments

The Official Plan may need to be amended from time to time due to new conditions in the community or a proposed development that meets the planning goals of the municipality.  An amendment may seek to change the land use designation of a property and/or apply new policies to that property as part of a proposed development or expansion to an existing use that is not allowed under the existing Official Plan. An Official Plan amendment may also require other approvals before the development can take place such as a Zoning By-law amendment. Although Official Plans must be approved by the Provincial Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, City Council has been granted authority to approve Official Plan amendments. Applicants proposing an Official Plan amendment, must be able to show City Council that the proposed development meets the City's long-term plans for the area and is compatible with surrounding land uses.

Official Plan Amendment Application

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