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Contact Us 

Contact Us 

The City of Quinte West
7 Creswell Drive,
P.O. Box 490
Trenton, ON  K8V 5R6

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Tel: (613) 392-2841
Toll-free: 1-866-485-2841
Fax: (613) 392-0131
TTY: (613) 965-6849


Office hours:
Monday to Friday,
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Contact the City Tax Department By: 

Phone: (613) 392-2841 Ext: 4902



Realty (property) taxes are levied by the City.  Taxes provide the main source of revenue to deliver services supplied by the City.

Properties are assigned a tax class depending on the use or purposes of each property.  Annual tax rates are set and applied to each tax class.  The tax levy for property is calculated by using the applicable tax rate and assessed value assigned to each property.

Assessment Information - Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC)

The Municipal Property Assessment Corporation is responsible for assessing all properties in Ontario.  It operates under the authority of the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation Act.  Every municipality in Ontario is a member of the Corporation.  Its main responsibility is to calculate assessment values and to classify properties according to their use.  These values are also provided to municipalities on an annual assessment roll.  The City and Province use these values when they calculate property taxes and education taxes. 

For questions concerning assessments and property valuation, please contact the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation office at 1-866-296-6722 or click on one of the links below.

 Call centre

Monday to Friday    8am to 5pm
Monday to Friday    8am to 6pm Sept 15 - Nov 28 

 Fax 1-866-297-6703 

P.O. Box 9808
Toronto, ON  M1S 5T9


Due Dates for the Interim Tax Installments

  • March 29, 2021
  • May 27, 2021
  • Due Dates for the Final Tax Installments
  • July 28, 2021
  • September 28, 2021

Quinte West MPT Calculator

The MPT Calculator is an on-line interactive municipal property tax calculator for residents of the City of Quinte West, potential new residents, and developers.  The calculator allows you to input your property assessment and Ward and calculate your property tax.

Click on this link to use the MPT Calculator Municipal Property Tax Calculator

Property Tax Payments

Payment Methods

Administration Offices
City Hall

After Hours:
Drop boxes at City Hall and Frankford Ward Offices.

Cash, Cheque or Interac:
City Hall, 7 Creswell Drive, Trenton Ward

Post-dated cheques:
Cheques Post-dated to the installment due date will be accepted and held by the tax department.

PO Box 490, Trenton, Ontario K8V 5R6
Make cheque payable to City of Quinte West, quote your Roll Number. If a receipt is required, mail back entire tax bill; otherwise return tax payment stub(s) only.

You can pay at any financial institution

Available through all Major Banks

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan:
Quinte West Ratepayers will be able to choose between due date method or 12 monthly payments. This plan is available to ratepayers with no outstanding taxes and no unpaid current taxes as of December 31st. This plan starts January 15th of the current taxation year and ends December 15th of that same taxation year. Contact the Tax Department for further details.

Download a copy of the Tax & Water Pre-Authorized Payment form 


A penalty of 1.25% per month will be applied to the outstanding balance on instalments not received by the due date. 

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Payment of Taxes by Mortgage Companies or Agencies

If your bill is to be paid by a mortgage company or agent on your behalf, please forward the tax bill to the company concerned, as only one bill is issued. It is our practice that when the bills are paid by the mortgagee to forward the receipted bill to the homeowner unless otherwise instructed by the mortgagee.

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Change of Ownership

Please forward the tax bill to the party responsible for any unpaid instalments or return it to the Municipal Office indicating the new owner's name. Penalty charges will still apply on late payment regardless of any change of ownership. The lawyer's statement of adjustment letter usually defines the tax obligation of both the Vendor and the Purchaser. Any change of ownership or change in mailing address should be reported to the tax department immediately.

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Supplementary Taxes

A supplementary tax demand may be issued where there is an incomplete assessment at the time of assessing or where a new building has reached completion or a property becomes taxable. It is in addition to the regular taxes already levied.

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Assessment Review Board Complaints

If you have made any complaints against the assessment for the current year taxes, the complaints may not have been heard or processed in time for this tax bill. We will adjust the account to reflect the decision of the Assessment Review Board upon receiving official notification.

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School Support

The school support indicted on the enclosed Tax Bill cannot be changed for this year. If you wish to alter your support for the next year you must notify the school board and the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation.

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Rebates for Vacancies in Commercial and Industrial Buildings

To be eligible for a rebate, a building or portion of a building must satisfy the conditions described in Category 1 or Category 2 of the Application.
The deadline for submitting applications is February 28 of the year following the taxation year to which the application relates. 

Download a copy of the Rebate Application

2021 Low Income Senior Property Tax Credit Application

Download a copy of the 2021 Low Income Senior Property Tax Credit Application

2021 Ontario Disability Support Program Tax Credit Application

Download a copy of the 2021 ODSP Tax Credit Application


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City of Quinte West Public GIS

Welcome to the City of Quinte West Public GIS map application.  It is a multi-platform app that will run on devices with Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems. 

Click on the icon below to enter.


To see many more GIS applications, Maps, Geographic Information, and Open GIS Data for the City of Quinte West please click below.

Click on the link below to view a street map of the City