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Riverfront Square

The City of Quinte West is full of interesting people with interesting stories. Unfortunately, not everyone gets a chance to share their experiences with the public. The idea for this podcast project is to celebrate the unique people that make up Quinte West. The "Getting to Know Quinte West" series will focus on community leaders, store owners, noteable people within the city and general community members about why they choose to live here, work here or visit frequently. you may be surprised by some of the things you learn from some familiar faces around town.

With Canada's 150th birthday celebration right around the corner, and the "My Community My Canada" projects that are being launched by the city, this podcast will highlight the things that make Quinte West a great place to live, work and experience!


"Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 1: Lisa Kuypers

The Trenton DBIA is a great way for local businesses to connect with each other, and the community. Lisa Kuypers is the executive director of the DBIA. On the first ever episode of the "Getting to Know" Quinte West podcast, Lisa shares with us what the DBIA does, what her job is and how she does it and what she loves about Quinte West! For more information about the DBIA, visit their website at 









"Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 2 Part 1: Wild Card Brewing Company

Wild Card Brewing Company is located at 38 Gotha Street in Quinte West. Opening its door and turning on its tap in the beginning of 2016, the gang at Wild card have quickly become recognizable faces at different events in the city. On the first of two part episode, owner Nate Card sits down with us how Wild Card was born, what he loved about growing up in the area and how the first few months of running the brewery went. 









"Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 2 Part 2: Wild Card Brewing Company

On the second part of the Wild Card Brewing Company's podcast, owner Nate Card continues to share stories about running the brewery with his family, what it's like being in the public at different events and how he finds himself acting as an ambassador for the city when he goes to different craft beer festivals. If you want to know more about Wild Card, you can visit their website at









"Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 3: Vivacious 

Vivacious is located in the heart of downtown Trenton on the main strip. Specializing in all things women's fashion, owner Angela Wildish is working on providing a one stop shop for women of any size to find their perfect outfit for a wedding, dinner or even just a night out. On this episode, Angela shares how she became owner of Vivacious, why she loved growing up in the Quinte region and why she left her established career in Toronto to raise her family back home. For more information about Vivacious, you can visit their website at


"Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 4: Research Casting International

Have you ever dreamed about walking among dinosaurs? On this episode Peter May, owner of Research Casting International, shares with us how he was asked to build a dinosaur in his spare time and quickly started a new career in casting. He tells us about moving his business to Quinte West, the benefits of working in this area and how unique his business is for the Quinte area. For more information on Research Casting International, visit their website at









"Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 5: John Whelan

How well do you know the men and women behind the Quinte West fire department uniform? Spanning seven stations across Quinte West, the fire department is always quick to respond to emergencies all over the city. On this episode, Quinte West Fire Chief John Whelan joins us to talk about what his job as fire chief entails, how he had the opportunity to leave the city but stayed and what he loves about working in the Quinte region.



 "Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 6: National Air Force Museum of Canada

Do you lived in Quinte West but have never visited the National Air Force Museum of Canada? On this episode, the executive director of the National Air Force Museum of Canada, Chris Colton, joins us and shares how he became the executive director, what he loves about working in the museum and why he loves living in the Quinte region. For more information about the historic Air Force Museum, visit their website at


"Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 7: The Red Shark

When you think of downtown Trenton, what businesses come to mind? Trenton's main street is composed of several locally owned businesses. Some that have been open for over 40 years! On this episode, owner of The Red Shark Shane O'Shaughnessy joins us and shares how he became owner of the men's clothing store, what he loves about the Quinte region and what he enjoys about raising a family in the area.


"Getting to Know Quinte West" Episode 8: Batawa Ski Hill

When you think of Batawa Ski Hill, do you only think of winter fun? Batawa Ski hill offers programs year round, as well as special events bookings! On this episode, communications coordinator Hannah Brown joins us to talk about all that Batawa Ski Hill has to offer, what attracted her to the job and why Quinte West is a great place to work and live.



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