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Parking Tickets


eStore Frequently Asked Questions



Parking Tickets Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What happens if I just ignore the ticket issued by a Quinte West parking enforcer?

A:  After you get a City of Quinte West parking ticket on your windshield, you have 15 days to either pay the Quinte West parking ticket, or file it in order to fight it.

If 10 days have passed, and you have not taken action, you will be sent a "Notice of Impending Conviction". You will get another 10 days to pay the ticket or file it.

After this deadline has passed, and you still have not taken action, you will receive a "Notice of Fine and Due Date", which means you have been convicted. It is now too late to fight this ticket. You must pay the ticket, and you'll be charged an additional $16.00 in court fees. At this point, you must pay the parking ticket at the Provincial Offence Office, located at 235 Pinnacle St., in Belleville, ON within the next 30 days.

After missing the above deadlines, if you do decide to challenge it, you must attend the Provincial Offence Office within 15 days of the parking ticket being filed with the court to fill out a Re-opening Application. As each case is judged on an individual basis, the Justice of the Peace may or may not re-open your case.

If you ignore all of the above, a further $20.00 administrative fee will be charged if you default after conviction plus costs incurred by the courts if enforcement action is required such as a collection agency.

You will be given three options:

1)   Pay off the fine.

2)   Fill out a Re-opening Application.

3)   Don't pay the fine until you need to get your sticker renewed. You will have to pay off any and all outstanding Quinte West parking tickets when it comes time to renew your sticker, if you choose not to get the sticker (and subsequently, not pay your parking ticket fines and penalties), any amount owing will be forwarded to collections, which hurts your credit rating.


Q:  What is the procedure if I decide to file the City of Quinte West parking ticket on my own?

A:  If you decide to file a City of Quinte West parking ticket on your own, fill out the back of the parking ticket containing your contact information and intention to either pay the parking ticket or challenge the Quinte West parking enforcer's evidence.  This can either be mailed in or you may attend in person at the City of Quinte West.


Q:  How long do I have to wait for my court date after my Quinte West parking ticket is filed?

A:  Your court date will occur anywhere from 6 to 8 months after your parking ticket is filed in Quinte West. In some cases, it could even take year. Let the parking office know if your address has changed, as they will be mailing you your trail date.


Q:  What if I changed my mind and want to pay the Quinte West parking ticket instead of challenging it?

A:  You have up until the day before your trial to return to the parking office and pay your fines without going to court.


Q:  What happens if I miss my Quinte West parking ticket court date?

A:  If you missed your Quinte West parking ticket court date, then you will be convicted, and charged an additional $5.00 plus Victim Service charge on top of your existing parking ticket fees and fines.


Q: What happens if I cannot attend my Quinte West parking ticket court date?

A:  You have up to 10 days before your trial to file a motion and change the court date. This can be done at the Provincial Offence Office, located at 235 Pinnacle St., Belleville, ON.  You can also send an agent or representative to attend for you (he or she must be over the age of 16).


Q:  Do Quinte West parking tickets affect your insurance?

A:  Quinte West parking tickets never affect your insurance.


Q:  What if the parking enforcer doesn't put the parking ticket on my windshield? Does it still count?

A:  If you drive away before the officer puts the ticket on your windshield, the ticket will be mailed to you as a "Notice of Impending Conviction". The Quinte West parking enforcer takes note of your license plates before he writes the ticket.


Q:  Who, ultimately, has the final say over the fate of my Quinte West parking ticket?

A:  The only person who can reduce your Quinte West parking ticket, cancel it or decide if you have to pay it is the Justice of the Peace in your court case. Not the parking enforcement officer, not the parking tag office staff.


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