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Fresh on Front - Farmers' Market



Farmers Market Postponed

Quinte West Farmer's MarketLocation: Farmer Market (Map It)

The Quinte West Farmers' Market is located on Front Street along the Trent River waterfront in downtown Trenton.

The Farmers' Market is held annually on Wednesdays and Saturdays of each week from the first Saturday in May until the last Saturday in October. Market hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. on each market day.

Throughout the season, the Farmers' Market showcases a variety of locally grown produce, flowers, VQA wines and ciders, baked goods, crafts, maple syrup, honey, preserves and so much more.

If you are interested in participating in the 2020 Quinte West Farmers' Market season, please click on the link below to obtain a Front Street Farmers' Market  Vendor Handbook with application included.

2020 Farmers' Market Vendor Handbook including application

For further inquiries,  please contact  Economic Development & Tourism Services Department at 613-392-2841 Ext 4416 or e-mail:

Two market spaces are made available on any market day for use of City of Quinte West Non-Profit Organizations at no charge. The space will be available for use on a "first come-first served" basis. Reservations must be made in the office of the City Clerk or with the Market Clerk at least one week in advance.

Musicians and entertainers interested in showcasing their talent at the Farmers' Market should contact the the Economic Development & Tourism Services Department at 613-392-2841 Ext 4416 or e-mail: for more information.

In addition to visiting our Farmers' Market, we invite you to make your way through the scenic byways of Quinte West, a rich agricultural region, with many roadside fruit and vegetable stands and a number of country stores boasting unique local delicacies and treasures. Immerse yourself in the landscape as you tour routes created for food enthusiasts, wine lovers, and antique/art collectors.

Meet Some of our Front Street Farmers' Market Vendors

Natural Themes Native Plant Nursery

Natural Themes offers fruits and vegetables grown chemical free.  These are available at the market as they come into season as well as native trees, shrubs, wildflowers, grasses, and ferns from May through October.

 Natural Themes

Dan Navrot

All of the produce is grown on Natural Themes farm and unheated greenhouse located at 219 Maybee Rd near Frankford where Bea Heissler and Dan Navrot strive to support natural balance as much as possible.  For current listing of produce available check and for native plants, check

Apple Gates Orchards


Rosemary and Bob Gates operate an orchard on the Stockdale Road, north of Trenton, in Quinte West, just look for the happy apple sign. They have a variety of apples including Quinte, Vista Bella, Macs, Royal Gala, Spy, Cortland, Russets, Red Delicious, Empire, Spartan, Granny Smith and Crispin.

The Gates start picking in late July and continue until October. You can purchase apples at the Front Street Farmers' Market  in Trenton or at the farm gate. The Gates purchase their property in 1974 as greenhorns and have certainly come a long way.

They have been vendors at the Trenton Farmers' Market, now the Front Street Farmers' Market  since 1975. They also sell maple syrup and honey made by their sons Joey and  Bobbie. 

Margaret York

Margaret York is a very experienced knitter, and this shows in the quality of her work and her attention to detail. She has been knitting for over 50 year. First, she knitted for her children, then for her grandchildren, and now she knits for her great grandchildren and for the Front Street Farmers' Market. She spends the winter knitting, in the company of her many cats. By the spring, she has bins of garments, baby blankets and afghans ready for the market.

Margaret York

Three years ago she had heard an announcement on CJBQ about the farmers market in Trenton and thought she would like to go. This is her fourth year at the Front Street Farmers' Market.

"I have made lots of friends at the market and I enjoy meeting people coming in to the market from all the boats," said Margaret York. "I have met people from the British Virgin Islands stopping in Trenton, people from North Carolina, from Florida and Savannah. They come to the market early in the morning to buy vegetables. I even sent a tea cosy to Ohio."

Margaret's knitting

She uses Red Heart yarn for most of her knitting as it washes and dries well. This is important with baby sets and children's sweaters. She knits slippers using the traditional Phentex yarn as it is hard wearing. Her baby clothes are bright and cheerful. Margaret does not stick to traditional colours for boys and girls as she likes colour. A friend of hers make socks for her to sell at her stall.

If you are looking for a special sweater or something unique for a new grandchild, go to the Front Street Farmers' Market and find Margaret. If you do not see what you are looking for, Margaret can knit it for you.

Margaret York can be reached at 147 Clair Street, Thomasburg, ON K0K 3H0 or by phone at 613-478-6774.

Marion Wilman

Marion Wilman loves experimenting in her kitchen and has come up with a delicious range of jams, which she makes from scratch. All the ingredients are on the label.  No one taught her to make jam, she taught herself. As well as making jams with sugar, she makes with a special range for people who want to reduce their intake of sugar.

 Marion Wilman

Marion also makes goat's milk soap. She gets the milk for the soap from her brother who runs the award winning River's Edge Goat Dairy, near Arthur, Ontario. Her soap is very mild and good for all skin types.

Her baby blankets made with soft flannel are very practical and make an ideal gift for a new infant.

 Marion Wilman

In addition to selling her product at the Front Street Farmers' Market, Marion Wilman works out of her home at 876 Akins Road and can be reached at 613-962-2917.

Carl and Carole Richards

Carl Richards and his wife Carol have been baking for 35 years. Previously they operated the popular Wedge and Bottle Restaurant in Frankford. They now bake pies, banana bread and squares for the Front Street Farmers' Market.

 Carl Richards

Carl's Tarts

"I wanted something to do as a hobby. I don't want to sit about and do nothing," said Carl.  Carol and Carl Richards reside in Frankford and can be found at the Front Street Farmers' Market regularly.

Eva Hilts

Eva Hilts grew up in the Czech Republic.  Her mother was a fabulous cook, so using herbs is second nature to her. Here in Ontario, Eva grows herbs in her garden. She harvests and dries them, and then rubs them to bring out the flavour. She then mixes them with spices and makes her six delicious herb spice combinations.

 Eva Hiltz

"Doctors are telling us to use less salt," said Eva Hilts. "My blends of herbs and spices enhance flavours."

Her mixes are all salt free and can be used as a healthy substitute for salt.

"It makes cooking much easier if you only have to reach for one jar, rather than having to mix you own herbs and spices," said Hilts.

Eva loves to cross stitch and she can take a photograph and then embroider a picture from it. She does this with many  local land marks. She also enjoys scrapbooking.

Eva resides in Trenton but can be found at the Front Street Farmers' Market every Thursday and Saturday. She welcomes everyone to visit her at the Market!

Kleinsteuber Farms

Four generations of the Kleinsteuber family have been selling at the Belleville Farmers' Markets.  Now Sharon and David Kleinsteuber come to the Front Street Farmers' Market in Trenton as well. They have a 35 acres market garden at their 117-acre farm, near Bloomfield. Their parents still help them look after their garden. They also have a farm gate stand.

 David Kleinsteuber

Sharon and David grow beans, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, peas, melons, lettuce, onions, pumpkins potatoes and much more. They also bring cut flowers, bedding plants, hanging baskets, perennials and herbs to the market. They use minimal spray and crop diversity and irrigate as needed.

The Kleinsteuber Farm is located at 1102 County Road, 12 West Lake, Bloomfield.

Tracey Budge

When her husband was sent to Afghanistan for a term of duty, Tracy Budge wanted to learn something concrete and new, to keep herself occupied. She chose jewelry making and took lessons.

 Tracy Budge

"Jewelry making is inspirational," said Tracy Budge. "Each stone has its own personality. It is important to have the right tools and imagination."

She started selling her jewelry made with semi precious stones and sterling silver at  the Front Street Farmers' Market a few years ago. You can watch her at work at the market.

If you are interested in learning about making jewelry Tracey gives one-on-one lessons. Feel free to contact her at or phone  613 394 8594.



We will continue to update the Front Street Farmers' Market Vendor Profiles as they become available. Please feel free to check back regularly!



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