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GIS News at the City of Quinte West. 

Keep updated on recent projects and interesting work being done by the City's GIS Division that relates to Public GIS applications and data.


May 2020 - Hydrant Flushing Map App

The hydrant flushing map app has been updated for this year. The interactive map shows the hydrant flushing zones and the schedules dates for each zone.

April 2020 - Restaurants Open During COVID-19 Application

GIS staff have built a GIS Mapping application that shows all open restaurants for take out, delivery, or drive thru. The app lists the business, the location, the website, and the phone number. The app works on any device and is fully interactive.

April 2020 - Local GIS Ambassador

Steve Whitehead, GISP, GIS Supervisor at the City of Quinte West has been named a GIS Ambassador by ESRI Canada.  A GIS Ambassador recognizes the significance of geography and has an interest in helping young people. Steve is interested in helping out local K-12 schools with GIS and examples would include:

-Visit City Hall to see a presentation and to see GIS in action

-Provide Quinte West data for real-life hands on GIS projects

-Provide assistance with community projects that K-12 students are working on

April 10, 2020 - PRISM for COVID-19

PRISM Emergency Nofication System was used to call out to the public reminding them of social distancing measures during COVID-19 .

March 27, 2020 - PRISM Emergency Notification System Activated by Quinte West OPP

PRISM was activated by Quinte West OPP in the evening of March 27, 2020. Messages were sent out to cell phones and landlines with a message relating to a missing elderly person in the area of Old Highway 2.  Later that evening the individual was located and follow up calls were made to inform the public. 

March, 2020 - COVID-19

City GIS Staff continue to improve and maintain the GIS.  With improved technology and cloud based applications, GIS Staff have continued to maintain a high quality level of service for Quinte West.

February 2020 - New Public Works GIS Released

Using ESRI's brand new web technology, the GIS Division has released a new cloud version of the Public Works Web GIS.  The secure application can be accessed through almost any device with internet. Public Works Staff have been extremely positive with the upgrade and are excited to have the new web mapping app.

January 2020 - 9-1-1 Data Converted and Provided to Belleville Fire Dispatch

All required GIS data was edited and formatted as per the required specifications of the Belleville Fire Dispatch system, as it takes over fire dispatching duties for Quinte West.  The take over is in preparation for the new NG9-1-1 standards being put in place in the near future.  Updates are being regularly emailed to be uploaded into the system.

January 2020 - GIS App for Flood Mapping of the Bay of Quinte & Weller's Bay

GIS staff are identifying households and businesses that may be threatened by flooding in 2020.  LiDAR data and new ArcGIS software is being used to delineate flood prone areas and make a simple mapping app.  Emergency response staff will be provided with the app that can be accessed on mobile devices and will display flood prone areas, properties, and aerial imagery.

December 2020 - GIS Staff Recognized for Over 20 Years of Service

The City's GIS staff, Steve Whitehead (GIS Supervisor), and Chad Crawford (GIS Technician) were recognized at council for their 20 years of service.  Both staff members have dedicated their careers to GIS at the City of Quinte West, and have been responsible for its many achievements since its inception in 1999.

November 2019 - PRISM Emergency Notification System Activated

The City's Emergency Notification System featuring the City's web based GIS was used on November 5 to inform residents of a water main break, and then used several times over the following 24 hours to keep residents informed of the status. The City of Quinte West encourages residents to register in the PRISM system (cell phones can be used) and for residents to submit updated information.

October 2019 - GIS Leads the Way with Asset Management

GIS Staff have been heavily involved with leading the City's Asset Management project and have brought ESRI Canada in to lead the project that will be centered on using GIS.  City GIS Staff have been busy updating data and making sure datasets are current and match the standards set by ESRI Canada.

Summer 2019 - PRISM Emergency Notification System Successfully Activated

The City's Emergency Notification System (PRISM) feauring it's City built web based GIS was activated twice during the summer.  In June it was used to notify local residents of a road wash out in Glen Miller. 

Then in September, the OPP activated PRISM to warn residents of gunshots beng reported in the area of the North Murray Industrial Park in Trenton. 

On both occassions residents that were registered in the system, and resided within the influenced areas, received initial calls and then follow up calls on the incident status.  The City of Quinte West encourages residents to register in the system (cell phones can be used).

Photo: Courtesy of Belleville Police Service.


Spring 2019 - Open GIS Portal

The City of Quinte West Open GIS Portal was featured (in particular the use of the City's Street Network) in an ESRI Canada GIS Webinar broadcast across Canada to hundreds of GIS Professionals. 

April 3, 2019 - Farm 9-1-1

The first addresses assigned using the Farm 9-1-1 program are entered into the  City's civic address point file and also as a separate layer.  Farm 9-1-1 is implemented within the Quinte West Fire Dispatch System.

April 2, 2019 - Public Flex GIS Viewer Replaced with New Public GIS Viewer 3.0

The Public Flex GIS Viewer has been replaced by the new Multi-Platform Public web GIS.  The Flex Viewer initially came into use in 2011.  The City's property search application now uses the new Public GIS Viewer 3.0.

March, 2019 - Arts & Culture GIS App

The Arts and Culture GIS Map App has been released featuring Museums, Live Music locations, Art Galleries, Studios, and Theatres.

March, 2019 - Live Weather on the New Multi Platform Public GIS 3.0

A live weather feed is available as a layer on the New  Public GIS Viewer 3.0.  Radar and temperatures can be turned on using the layers list which are feeds from Environment Canada and NOAA.

February, 2019 - Live Radar and Temperature App

The GIS Staff have built a live temps and radar application that will run on most mobile devices.

November, 2018 - QWED GIS 3.0 Released (Quinte West Economic Development GIS Viewer)

The third version of the Quinte West Economic Development (QWED) GIS Viewer has been released. 

It is a mulit-platform and mobile GIS map application that features vacant industrial lands, commercial lands, as well as vacant buildings.  This application is more accessible being that it is mobile and multi-platform.  It features easy to switch base maps and a current GPS location.



 October, 2018 - Polling Station Locator GIS App

A polling station locator application has been developed so residents can easily find out where they vote.  Residents can type in their address, and the assigned polling station will appear.  Users can also navigate on the map to their desired location and see the polling station for that particular area.

September, 2018 - Recreational GIS Map Series App

The GIS Map Series has been released as part of an application featuring recreational activities within the City of Quinte West.  Videos of places and activities can play while you navigate the map.

Summer 2018 - City Lands Project Presentation to Corporate Committee

Steve Whitehead, GIS supervisor provided an update to the Corporate & Financial Services Committee with a demonstration of the City Lands GIS system.  City lands were classified into various categories such as potential lots, parkland, roads, vacant, reserves, and unopened road allowances with counts on each class.

June, 2018 - Topographic Map GIS Viewer

A new topographic map app has been released featuring detailed contours and other topographic features of the City of Quinte West. 

1 metre interval contours are featured within this application along with the ESRI Topographic Base Map.  It is a mulit-platform application that will run on Windows, Android, and Apple devices.


Spring 2018 - City Lands Project

GIS Staff continue work as part of the "Land Squad" in helping identify city lands.  Properties have been located using the Land Registry System (Teranet) and data searches on the system has helped find city owned properties.  Information is expected to be passed on to the Corporate & Financial Services Committee for further action.

April, 2018 - Development Projects GIS Map App

The location and description of Development Projects being undertaken by the City of Quinte West in 2018 has been built into this public GIS Application.

January, 2018 - Garbage and Recycling Scheduling GIS App

The schedule of Garbage and Recycling pickup has been mapped and released in an easy to use viewer.


August, 2017 - PRISM Assists in Locating Missing Person

PRISM, the City's Emergency Notification System was used to assist in locating a missing Quinte West person.  The OPP requested the use of PRISM, twice in one evening which helped in the successful search.  GIS Staff coordinated the use of PRISM with the OPP and initiated the identification of the  subject geographical areas.

The PRISM system was used in two different geographical areas with telephone calls being delivered in these areas notifiying residents of the missing person.




 June, 2017 - Open GIS Data Portal

The City of Quinte West Open GIS Portal has been released.  Layers include the road network, parks, schools, and boat launches.  This data is available for everyone to use within their own GIS.  This is the first City application to offer Open Data online.



November, 2016 - Historical Maps      

A Historical Maps section has been added to featuring old maps of the City, the local area, and other places of interest.

February, 2016 - Hydrant Flushing GIS App

A schedule of Hydrant Flushing within the City of Quinte West has been developed and released with this easy to use and mobile application.

June 2015, - Trent Port Marina Slip Availability

The Trent Port Marina Slip Availability GIS Application features all the marina slip locations and their status.  Also links and information on how to book a slip as well as showing your current location in the brand new marina. 

April, 2015 - City Park Maps

Pdf's of individual City Parks have been added to the Map Gallery.

November, 2014 - Quinte Access Bus Route Maps

Quinte Access Bus Route Maps have been produced and are available on the Map Gallery as pdf's.

April, 2014 - PRISM Used for Trent River Flooding

PRISM has been used to notify residents along the Trent River of potential flooding.  The area from Frankford to Glen Ross was selected as the notification area, and GIS Staff delineated this within the system.

December, 2013 - Updated Aerial Photos (Orthophotographs)

Updated Orthophotographs from the OMNR SCOOP Project have been added to the Public Web GIS.

June, 2013 - Emergency Detour Route Maps

Emergency Detour Route Maps have been produced for the City and are available on the GIS Map Gallery.

March 9, 2011 - Public GIS Flex Viewer (2.0)

The Public GIS Flex Viewer is released replacing the original version.  It displays a vast amount of geographic information as layers including aerial photographs, roads, and property lines.

The new system is faster and clearer than the original public GIS viewer.


2011 - Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians & 
Technical Achievement Award (OACETT)

The City of Quinte West PRISM Program was the recipient of the OACETT 2011 Technical Achievement Award.

OACETT is dedicated to excellence in engineering and applied science technology profession in a manner that serves and protects public interest.




August, 2010 - Quinte West Fire Dispatch System

The GIS Division has developed and released it's own in-house Fire Dispatch System for the City . Fire Dispatchers can easily search and locate addresses, along with the closest fire hydrant, closest road intersection, Fire Station to be dispatched.  They can also view other related geographic information on the dynamic mapping system.  The system features live databases that can be updated immediately by GIS Staff. 

March 31, 2010 - GeoConnections Return on Investment Study for Quinte West (PRISM)

After the successful funding and implementation of the GeoConnections Federal GIS Funding Program which was  implemented by GIS Staff, GeoConnections conducts a return on investment (ROI) study for the City's PRISM Program.  "Forward-looking 15-year analysis of Quinte West PRISM: Cumulative benefits are $3.5M."

January, 2009 - GIS Featured in Municipal Interface Journal

The PRISM Program is featured in the MISA Journal in an article written by Ed Woods, Manager of IT/GIS and Steve Whitehead, GIS Supervisor.  The article is titled "Ontario City Develops Application To Speed Emergency Notification."

January, 2009 - Updated Aerial Photographs (Orthophotographs)

Updated Orthophotographs from the OMNR DRAPE Project have been added to the Public Web GIS.

2008 - Tri-Committee "IT Project of the Year" Award 

The City of Quinte West PRISM Program was the recipient of the Tri-Committee of Ontario second annual IT Project of the Year Award in 2008. The Tri-Committee of Ontario consists of members from Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA), the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA), and the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA).

PRISM is the City's Emergency Notification System that calls out to notify the public of emergency situations.   GIS is the foundation of the program allowing for the identification of a notification area.   PRISM-GIS can also be used as an operations tool for emergency response and planning.


 2008 - AMCTO E.A. Danby Award 

The City of Quinte West PRISM Program was the recipient of the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) 2008 E.A. Danby Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in improving performance in the category of Municipal Administration by a municipality with a population of 20,000 or more.

2008 - GeoConnections Federal GIS Funding

GIS Staff have writen a proposal and secured funds from Geoconnections to implement components of an emergency operations web based GIS featuring a public notification system.  GIS Staff then coordinated the successful project implementation on time and within budget.

2007 - Public Web GIS Featured in ArcNorth News (ESRI Canada) Magazine

An article on the City's new public web GIS written by Steve Whitehead, GIS Supervisor has been featured in the ESRI Canada's newsletter.

2007 - ESRI Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) Award - INTERNATIONAL AWARD

The City was the recipient of the ESRI SAG Award for their work on the Public Web GIS.  The award was presented by Jack Dangermond and accepted at the Annual ESRI Conference in San Diego. 

The City's first public web GIS was built using ESRI's ArcIMS technology.






May 27, 2005 - Quinte West GIS Staff Host the Eastern Ontario GIS Users Seminar

Eastern Ontario GIS Users Seminar featured presenters from Lower Trent Conservation (Source Water Protection Program), Mike Robertson (OMNR - Imagery Update), Nick January (Canadian Great Ape Alliance), and Kirby Childerhose (City of Brampton GIS). Over 30 GIS professionals from Eastern and Central Ontario attended the seminar.

Summer 2004 - City of Quinte West Partner with OMNR for Data - Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange (OGDE) agreement

The City of Quinte West entered into an agreement with the province under the Ontario Ontario Geospatial Data Exchange (OGDE).  Also in addition to this agreement, they executed an Ontario Roads Network Agreement to receive and maintain a centre line street network file.  The City will receive the existing formatted road network and then utilize the data as well as provide updates back to the Land Information Ontario.  The data becomes one of the most used and most valable datasets for the City.

Spring 2003 - Quinte West GIS Staff Attain Provincial GIS Funding (GeoSmart)

GIS staff submit and have approved a GeoSmart provincial funding application.  The application is for updated GIS software, mobile GIS applications, GIS training, coordinate system conversion/update, and improved metadata standards.  The project value is over $100,000.


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Welcome to the City of Quinte West Public GIS map application.  It is a multi-platform app that will run on devices with Windows, Apple, and Android operating systems. 

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