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During the first three years of the City's innovative PRISM Program, the City has been honoured with three major Provincial awards.


2008 AMCTO E.A. Danby Award


The City of Quinte West PRISM Program was the recipient of the Association of Municipal Managers, Clerks and Treasurers of Ontario (AMCTO) 2008 E.A. Danby Award in recognition of outstanding achievement in improving performance in the category of Municipal Administration by a municipality with a population of 20,000 or more.2008 AMCTO E.A. Danby Award

2008 Tri-Committee "IT Project of the Year" Award

The City of Quinte West PRISM Program was the recipient of the Tri-Committee of Ontario second annual IT Project of the Year Award in 2008. The Tri-Committee of Ontario consists of members from Ontario Good Roads Association (OGRA), the Municipal Engineers Association (MEA), and the Ontario Public Works Association (OPWA).

2008 Tri-Committee


2010 Ontario Association of Certified Entgineering Techinicians & 
Technical Achievement Award Award (OACETT)


The City of Quinte West PRISM Program was the recipient of the OACETT 2010 Technical Achievement Award. OACETT is dedicated to excellence in engineering and applied science technology profession in a manner that serves and protects public interest.

PRISM Events

View a listing of PRISM call-out campaigns that have occurred since January 2008.


A PRISM Program was launched in Huron County in November 2009. Huron County and Quinte West have the distinct honour of being the only Canadian jurisdictions currently utilizing this award-winning emergency response and notification system. 

Click here to read the Press Release

Link to the Huron County PRISM website 



PRISM Partners

The development of the PRISM Program applications would not have been possible without the expertise and cooperation of partnerships the City has developed with the following corporate and governmental parties:


Do you want to learn more about the City of Quinte West's PRISM Program? Below is the City's promotional PRISM video.



The following are some testimonials received by the City for the multi-award winning PRISM Program.

The City of Quinte West's PRISM-GIS and PRISM-911 are fantastic, leading edge technologies and the Municipal Health & Safety Association applauds these initiatives, as they will reduce risk to front line responders specifically as well as the public at large.  

W. A. (Bill) Blackborow
President and CEO
Municipal Health and Safety Association 


The use of Microsoft Office Live Meeting to facilitate and record planned meetings as part of PRISM-GIS demonstrates great innovation on the part of City of Quinte West GIS/IT staff. Microsoft Canada applauds the City of Quinte West's initiative to use leading edge technology to ensure the continued safety and security of its citizens, and is pleased to welcome the success of the system as it is deployed in field conditions.

Congratulations to the IT development team, the Fire Department and the City of Quinte West! 

Craig Sisson
Director, Ontario Public Sector
Microsoft Canada 

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